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  • Timeball is a game best played with 5-8 players: 2 players on the champ side and 3-6 players on the challenger side trying to get over.

  • The baseline player on the challenger side receives a feed to hit to the champ side in a designated direction. The champ side net player cannot poach/touch this first shot under any circumstances or it is deemed an immediate clean winner.

  • There are three possible outcomes when a player hits the first feed:

    • The baseline player hits a clean winner, automatically becoming the new champs.

    • The baseline player misses the ball, rotating to the back of the line, and the next player takes their turn.

    • The baseline player makes the shot, and they, along with their partner, remain in play.

    • The champ side net player poaches/touches the first shot and it is declared an immediate clean winner.

  • After the first shot of the first point, the champs, challengers, and feeders can now hit anywhere without any restrictions.​

  • The challengers are trying to win 3 points before losing 2 points. Either the:

    • Champs win 2 points and the challengers move off the court and switch lines allowing the next group to play.​

    • Challengers win 3 points and have 3 seconds to run to the champ side to cover the next team's first shot.

  • This repeats until the round is over signified by the "BUZZER".

    • Once the buzzer sounds the feeder cannot feed anymore, so a good tactic is to win 3 points quickly or go for a clean winner when there is limited time.

  • A new basket starts and the champs that finished continue on the champ side with a new first shot direction.


  • Bonus Minute. At the end of the basket, the players on the champ side receive a bonus minute to their time.

  • Poach Rule. The champ side net player cannot poach or touch the first feed from the challengers or else it is an immediate clean winner.

    • Exception: Challengers have won their 3 points to come over, either player can touch or help prevent the first ball winner.

  • Body Ball. You can use your body to hit the ball to the other side.

  • Axe Throw. You can throw your racket to hit/touch a ball.

  • Net Touch. You can touch the net during the point. 

    • Exception: If you jump over the net running to the champ side and touch it the challengers start at 1-0 lead.


The goal of the game is to stay on the champ side the longest throughout the session. Any time you are on the champ side the app is accumulating your time. The person with the most time at the end of the workout is the winner.

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